Monday, 5 May 2014

Finding Time for Art - Or ELSE!

Let's pretend it's only been a couple of cheeky days since my last post, shall we? Yes....just for a lark... How is it that despite there being twenty-four long hours in each and every sparkly day, there's simply bugger-all time to get stuff ACTUALLY properly done? Or even a BIT done, in some cases.

I've been INCREDIBLY busy - which, in itself, SUCKS - but then, on top of the hectic, I've decided to severely de-clutter. Sounds like a GOOD idea, eh? yeeeeaaaahh...... no. I have this thing where I have to make sure that  stuff's not wasted, which makes getting rid of the crap I have in my house a nightmare! It's even EVEN harder because I actually LIKE my crap.... I love my awesome Disney snowglobes.... I live for my gorgeous books.... I adore my nik-naks and collectables... Parting with any of them at all (and choosing frugally which ones to keep) is like Sophie's Choice every time! Added to which I'm a first class procrastinator. So my house looks like several really quite big bombs have hit it. A lot!

This is not condusive to relaxation - or art. It is, however, a real boon for the stress-fairy, who's become a permanent fixture, limpeting onto my brain and playing havoc with my blood pressure. Normally I'd have out with the paints and the shiny arty things and flap it all about 'til calm returned, but a/ I've packed things away so that they're safe while I sort through stuff and dispose of various bits, and b/ I can't get into the studio as it's full of charity/ebay/collector's shops boxes all piled up ready for re-distribution. Stress-fairy is THRILLED with this and has been happily cranking up that blood pressure for a month now, so this last week, I foraged through a forgotten corner and found a teeny weeny sketchbook and a couple of my favourite Tachikawa ink pens and have determined to set aside a little time every day to doodle and remember to breathe.


As it's been....a few days (shush) since that last post, I thought I'd share the first few pages with you, sort of whether you like it or not! Moowahaha... You'll notice that they're all sea-based. That's because I like sea-based things. I'm not planning to win an award here, just not to have my head, heart or anything else explode from the results of poor time/space/stuff management. SO here we page order....:

The scanner's not keen on the paper. The backgrounds are all left sort of off-white but my scanner - Gertie - decided to add random blotches. As I can only assume that it's an expression of her own artistic muse. Aww.  This sketchbook's only tiny - it's 5"x5" and that's kind of cool as it allows me to finish things quickly. Less intimidation, more fun! Take THAT, stress-fairy!

....An absolutely accurate - almost photographic - depiction of a standard day on our local coastline. *ahem*

I like cormorants. There are LOADS (I counted - that's accurate) of them around our local docklands, so I added a couple of docky-type images to this beaky chappie just for fun.

 Gertie Scanner really hates this paper... Anyhoo - mermaid! I KNOW! Who'd have thought it? Me, draw a MERMAID! Craaaaazy......

Naughty Octopus! DOWN boy! SIT! It's the marine version of a Freudian nightmare, but then that's octopusesesesesesi for you.  I've not faffed with detail on the octochappie as I intend to throw some inktense pencils his way. When I can reach them. Or find them.

More mermaids, some fishies and a message in a bottle. Sorted.

Another fish. He has a jellyfish for a belly and he likes it. He's a fish.

So that's an update. Sorry it's not more exciting or tutorialy but if you wanna swap - I'll have your studio with paints and tables and stuff, and you can have mine with it's boxes and bin-bags..... Nah....didn't think so! 

I'm off to get some sleep before another hectic day begins. Sending some love out to the blogosphere - if I'm REALLY lucky I'll have time soon to visit YOUR awesome blogs and say 'hi!' - hopefully whilst sitting in a MUCH clearer, muse-friendly space!  Wish me luck! Much love -Shroo :) xxx