Here are some pages and images from some of my sketchbooks. I WILL keep adding pages, and I'll add related blog post links  just below this introduction for you. These ARE just sketches...they're a working-out of ideas, or recording images that flit across my easily-distracted brain or just figuring out shapes, patterns or compositions. I'm adding them as I think that looking at these might be helpful to someone somewhere along the line.

If there's anything you want to know about processes or if you just wanna say 'hi!' please feel free to comment in the commenty section below - I do love hearing from you.

Loadsa love- Shroo:)

                            "What's In A Journal - Part 2"


  1. You need to turn all these sketches into a book that you can have for sale! I'd buy em! You can have one for mermaids, baby foxes, kitties.....etc

    1. Ha ha - awesomely cool idea, but you know I'd keep all the mermaid ones and you KNOW you'd hoard all the fox ones!! We'd have to fight over the kitty books - and Harvey, Jesse and Boo would SO TOTALLY kick our arses! Love and hugs xxxxx

  2. Hahah -- the "Spooky Floaty Kitty" just made my day -- so cute/fun!!!