Sunday, 29 June 2014

To Heal My Heart

Today has been a tough day.

Today, my mum died. She has fought valiantly against cancer, staying strong and positive but infection wore her down and she was  released from her battle this afternoon just as the sun broke through the rain clouds that have dominated the week's weather. A group of butterflies took flight from the ground outside her window, and she was free.  

She was an artist, a dancer, a pure kind spirit and constant inspiration to all who new her, including myself. I know she'll live in my heart every day, just as I lived in hers and I will feel her willpower and love with me always. 

I wanted to share this with you as I've been away from here, caring for her and loving her for some time now. She loved to read this blog while she was able and I wrote most posts with her in mind. I wanted her to know how much I value everything she taught me, and the gifts that I inherited from her. She was my guide through the darkness and my companion in the light and although I feel incomplete without her by my side, I take strength from knowing that all that she was is still with me now and always, in her words and deeds and in her beautiful art. 

She has danced into a glorious summer meadow of summer flowers, accompanied by the sound of lark song and the love I sent with her. 

Love you mum. Dance and be happy. xxxxxx