Wednesday 24 July 2013

Apologies, And A Sneak Peek

Howdy all!

Thank you for sticking with me over this past couple of weeks. I'm so mahoosively sorry not to have posted more regularly, but one thing and another in the hurly-burly of everyday life and all its dramas and hassles has kept my focus elsewhere.... But - I'm determined to kick myself back on the tracks of creativity and purpose this week and so will be posting - AT LONG LAST! - part 2 of my 'What's In A Journal' post this very evening, once the day's processes are over and done and I'm settled with a glass of wine. And a cake. Not a big one, just a ikkle one. Cake good. Wine good. Mmmm..... So here's a sneek peek of what's on the way, just to tantalise/torment/aggravate (delete as applicable):


Moowahaha....! Have a day of awesomeness - see you later ! - Shroo:)

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