Wednesday 7 August 2013

National Exhibition of Wildlife Art

Hi all!

Here's hoping you're having a splendid day of awesomeness? I've recently been fortunate enough to be accepted by the judges for the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art, exhibiting a single large piece in pen and ink with watercolour called "Madagascar". The picture measures roughly 30"x40" - there's a space restriction and this took up every inch! I'm thoroughly chuffed as some lovely, LOVELY person bought it! So I thought I'd share the picture with you and send my thanks to all the splendid people who make the exhibition.

A few close-ups:

Hope you enjoy the post ! Mucho hugs - Shroo :)


  1. Wow you must have a lot of patience. Its just plain wonderful. Congratulations
    come visit me any time at

  2. Hi Sonya! Thank you so much for leaving such a lovely message - very much appreciated! Hee hee - not so much 'patience' as 'obsession' with this piece...I did enjoy it though. Heading over to visit your blog right now! Sparkly best wishes - Shroo:)

  3. YOU WERE GOING TO BURN THIS? Thank goodness for your Mum, it's amazeballs. So was she and her amazing daughter!

    1. Yuh-huh! Yes yes, I know, but I think, missus, that this proves my point about how we veiw our own work as opposed to how other people see it. Oh hell, yeah. My mum had WAY more sense than me! I keep things now mainly because I promised her I would - and she'll fire a lightning bolt at me from the great beyond if I break a promise! xxxx