Wednesday 12 February 2014

The Elephant In The Room


...I found a thing that will blow...your...mind! No, really.... watch the awesome:

 This was posted onto Yootoob (yes, I know, but that's how my cat spells it... enough... shush now...) by the lovely people at Jackson's Art Supplies.  I've seen videos of elephants painting before but NOTHING like this! I've watched it a good dozen times and can't see any fakery. Aside from the fact that this elephant paints better that a helluva lot of humans I've seen, she actually paints a proper PICTURE - with an eye for composition! And watch again how she uses different brush stroke techniques (most noticeably evident when she paints 'pointy' grass.) It's incredible.

I just thought I'd share this with you mainly because it's AWESOME, but also because I'd like to recommend that you check out Jackson's Art Supplies Yootoob channel. They post a number of short but very helpful product test videos which are useful if you're selecting new items for your art supply stash. And before you ask - no I'm not affiliated in any way with Jackson's, it's just that I feel that one should give credit where credit is due, and these guys are just about the most all-round reliable and helpful artist's store I've found thus far and I'm always massively grateful when someone recommends a shop based on their own experience.

I've been working hard to catch up on stuff for Etsy so I'll be back soon with product picks - and in the meantime, don't forget the special

running 'til 15th February. To make sure you get that discount applied to your invoice just type the code VALENTINE2014 into the coupon box on screen just prior to paying by paypal.

Thanks for visiting! Hugs from Shroo and Colonel Fluffpants (currently buried in a heap of kitty blankies as it's REALLY cold here today and he wants NONE of it, thank you very much!) xxx


  1. Mind. Officially. BLOWN! Wow - that was mesmerising - like you , I have seen other videos but nothing like that! Wow!

    As for your sale, been along for a drool. Sorry if the stock is a bit soggy now ;) I shall be back! I shall own one of your journals - it just may be later in the year. I just spent all my pennies on my new pastels. MUST save for Comicon. Not looking no more! Temptress!

  2. I just love the video what an amazing Nellie :) Love your foxy loxy too!

  3. Wow - amazing! I love it and there's so much eye candy here Shroo and Colonel Fluffpants! Thanks for sharing

  4. Thanks for sharing that amazing video! Incredible!

  5. Funny coinsidence one of my friends send me this elephant artist video just a month ago. It's so amazing. Elephants are really smart and talented :) (think of Dumbo :) That mermaid journal is very beautiful. Im now making a shared jornal with one of my artist friend. It's so fun to do it!

  6. thanks for sharing the video-wow. and for sharing your work-all so lovely