Friday 11 October 2013

Gorgeous Mermaid Journal In My Etsy Shop!

Hello and Happy Friday!

End of the week! - Well, not really, but we ALL love a Friday with the weekend yet to come, maybe a lie-in or two and a movie night on the horizon?

Another highlight for Etsy-ness... my Mermaid Journal. *sigh*.... I know - it's a MIRACLE that I'm selling this. I love it SO much, but I would REALLY like it to go to a brand new and appreciative home.

This is an entirely unique design. The mermaid is designed and painted by me, inspired by the pin-up art of the 1950s. She has shimmering tail and hair and is decoupaged onto a layered cover surface, vintaged and gilded and looking VERY lovely!

I designed this as an archive travel journal, each page covered with designer papers which reflect the colours and beauty of the oceans. Papers include rich and vibrant designs from K&Co's paper lines, including 'Happy Trails', 'Life's Journey', 'Que Sera' and more. 

I wanted a more unusual binding, so I chose a folded macrame design. The pages are folded archival cardboard, each one containing a strand of thread or hand-dyed yarn, bound and woven together at the top and bottom of each page, forming a 'wave'-esque design. I took great delight in adding ample quantities of embellishments to these beautiful yarns, reflecting the treasures hidden in the shorelines of the world's seas. These include MANY natural gemstones - banded agate, natural pink opal, sea jasper and aquamarine - as well as severaly Czech glass beads and Tibetan silver and pewter charms:

The fastening for the book is a simple wraparound deep blue seam-binding, which is beautifully finished with mermaid charms and oooooooo so sparkly genuine Swarovski faceted beads:

The book measures 17cm high x 13.5cm wide, with a 4.5cm spine. The pages are edged and highlighted with golden (gilt) wax to add richness and a sense of fantasy to the final look of the piece.

this is a REAL exhibit piece - truly. Once you've finished this, it will be a true heirloom item, holding a special, eye-catching place on a shelf or in a cabinet. The lucky owner will LOVE this book and have a splendid time embellishing the pages in their chosen style. I am totally jealous! Wish I could keep this for myself! It needs and deserves to be used and loved and cherished and I hope it finds an appreciative home.

As with all purhases, the new owner will receive a selection of freebie arty ephemera and extras to help get started. Available for purchase on Etsy NOW! To view the auction just click the Etsy button below. Thank you for reading -sending oodles of magical hugs - Shroo :) xxx

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