Friday 8 November 2013

Mr Fluffpants Life Of Pi! - Journal Page

Hello again!

Ooooooooo - it's been a lovely crisp, bright Thursday. The sun has been shining and the sky has been as blue as can be, which makes a pleasant change from the grey skies and rainy clouds that we've had of late!

Look at that, would you..... oooo...  Almost summery!

That's how bright the sun is! Good job my little camera has a sun filter setting!

It's been such a lovely day and I have a little journal page to share with you. My kitty has been on a few holidays lately, accompanying me when I stay with my mum after her treatments. He's such a very good boy and behaves himself impeccably! He has a little routine there now, and is very happy with all the duvets and blankets he can snuggle into when he keeps mum company on her bed. In fact - last week I had a devil of a job making him let go of his cushion pile so that I could bring him home again! There was a LOT of defiant meowing! I wonder what he dreams about? I imagine it's all a little bit 'Life of Pi' in his little kitty head, an amazing adventure - he's very creative! Yes, I am a mad cat woman... just go along with it will you eh?  So here's my journal page for my kitty, who would very much like to be known by his full title (brace yourself) The Illustrious Count Harvelstein Cuddlesome Fluffpants III. He made all that up. He has delusions of grandeur!

To go a little bit 'Big Bang Theory'....."...Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr!" My lovely boy - I just got to imagining him on a flying carpet, drifting over magical seas to his adventures in his little kitty dreams!

This is MOSTLY done with Derwent watercolour pencils which are a permanent favourite.... I prefer Faber coloured pencils if I'm working with dry media, but these Derwents are just GORGEOUS for watercolour - really high pigment content so they're uber bright when I want them to be, and they only need the tiniest, lightest shading to transform into rich paint when wet - much like Derwent's inktense pencils. Also lovely. Dammit.

I used a thick gel pen for the carpet design and it has a slightly embossed feel when it dries, which is nice. Although these piccies don't show it MASSIVELY well, I used Tattered Angels Glimmer Glaze (Waterfall and Mellow Yellow) for the swirls that represent the dreamy-land ocean. (I'm happy living inside my mind - the colours are pretty! Ha! )  Honestly, if you've never had a play with these glazes I'd wholeheartedly recommend giving them a go. They really add some GORGEOUS scrummy yummy texture to a picture and I like the mix of gloss and matte finish.

 Just for fun, and because I'm imagining what my kitty is dreaming, I've had another play with digital faffing programmes - this is what happened:

 I really like this - and I am having fun with this VERY basic computer arty faffyness! I can see the attraction now!

Yep, so, that's it for now! I'll be back with another page very soon. Thank you SO SO MUCH for your lovely and helpful comments! You're awesome! Thank you too to the wonderful people at the 'Try It On Tuesdays' blog for your encouragement and fabulous art challenges! Epic stuff! If you've not visited them, please click on the pic below and join in the fun!

Hope you all have an excellent Friday - the weekend's just around the corner! Love and hugs as always - and some purrs from Fluffpants kitty! See you soon - Shroo :) xxx


  1. I really like this gentle sleeping cat . He must be very special . I am also taken by the colour change version . Glad it was such a nice day

  2. Your images of Mr. Fluffypants are wonderful. I love that you take him to stay with your mum when you go. How awesome to be recovering from illness and having him to snuggle with! My cats' names are so simple-Henry, Annabelle, Merlin-to name just a few. I have a big admiration for people who name their kitties as creatively as you!