Monday 27 April 2015

A Work In Progress...

Monday....another one done with!

Ugh....STILL not a Monday fan - BUT, I made a little discovery in one of the MANY boxes hidden away in my mum's - two Paperchase books, one 11"x11" hardcover filled with heavy black cardstock pages and another 12"x8" hardcover with smooth mediumweight kraft paper.

 I'm not sure what she had planned for them...maybe they would have been gifts someday, or maybe they were meant for one of the many projects we'd planned before she left to dance in her celestial meadow of stars.

I sat and thought about them for a while, then I put them away. Then I made a decision to start a new project with my mum - one that would turn blackness to colour, and I took out the book with the deep velvet-black cardstock and opened the cover, touched the paper....and began

Then I added a little part of my soul

It's now a work in am I. We have our project, mum and I...and I think it will be a good journey.

Love from me to you -  from Shroo :) xxx

Additional (7th May 2015)

I finished this little fellow by adding a little detail with my Uni Ball white gel pen. I opted not to colour in the leaves and berries, adding a little brass coloured gilding wax instead. I was happy with the result so opted not to mess about any further! Anyhoo - here's the finished page -



  1. Absolutely beautiful, enjoy the journey, 'May the road come up to meet you'. Hugs, Valerie

  2. So beautiful. Both the post and the artwork x x

  3. You are a very talented lady, bet your mum is very proud if you and happy to see her precious art stocks being put to such good use