Wednesday 29 April 2015

Memory Journaling - Happy Thoughts!

Hello little peach blossoms!!

Hang on.....what day is it again?.... Oh yeah, Wednesday. Thank the powers for the little computer clock thingy that replaces the need for a memory!

Aaaaaaand SPEAKING of memories (smoooooooth segue there....), I've been having some difficulties accessing family memories without being reduced to a splooshy puddle of snot so I decided to use the whole 'draw my life' thing as a journal exercise. So, grabbing my trusty pen and some paper offcuts I started doodling some snapshots from my childhood.

This is a great journaling tool - very cathartic, at least it was for me. Instead of a memory being immediately overwhelming and emotional, everything was reduced to bite-sized manageable little chunks that made me smile. Thought I'd share a few so you can see what I'm yattering on about, and maybe have a go for yourself.

This is me with my lovely Grandpa in my grandparents' garden when I was a very little girl. It's cartoony because it's meant to be an exercise in rediscovering fun, not producing a masterpiece. Instead of remembering the garden that I miss so much and being overwhelmed, I focussed on each small thing individually...the begonias,lavender, peonies and marigolds...The honeysuckle trellis with scented English roses ( I can still smell them now), the greenhouse, lawn and magnolia tree....Sunflowers, primulas and star of Bethlehem. I remembered my Grandad in his gardening jumper, darned at the elbows (and STILL full of holes) - my Grandma tried to throw it away, but he'd rescue it every time! Just like his scruffy knitted hat. And there's his workshop with all his jars of bits and bobs, and the outdoor loo! I can smile at all these things - not be drowned in that emotional tsunami.

Twice a year the circus would come and pitch their bright tents on the fields by the river. Less politically correct times, when the circus would bring exotic animals and parade through the streets. We would go and see them - the flurry of colour, smells and sounds... Although I am a sucker for a carnival, I've never much liked the circus...I'm not a fan of caged or performing animals, and clowns - quite rightly - give me the heebie-jeebies (evil things). But the PARADES ....somehow they were magical, and EVERYONE would line the streets to cheer them as they passed by.

Christmas in the little flat - me, mum and our cat (Cat-Friday). We'd make paper-chains to decorate the rooms and the hall, and every year there would be a couple of new decorations for the tree. The fairy would appear at the top magically during my reluctant sleep through Christmas Eve night and be there to greet me on Christmas morning, with a bowl of cornflakes on the table next to which would be a special present from The Christmas Fairy.

Every night mum would tuck me in to my bed with my cuddly toys and she'd read a book with me then play a cassette - usually Black Beauty or Winnie-The-Pooh (my favourites) - which would send me happily to sleep. The little ceramic house nightlight would gently glow and I'd drift off to the Land Of Nod. When I had bad dreams, she'd come in and sing quietly and stroke my hair until I went back to sleep.

It's been such a happy thing to make these little journal-style drawings and they're there now as a record of special moments. I have a feeling I'll be adding to them over time.  I'd hugely recommend giving this style of journaling a go - it's a valuable process and wonderful result. Hope you like these.

As always, thank you for stopping by! I love to read your comments and if you have any relevant questions please leave them in the comment section so that I can reply. Thank you for your recent thoughts and lovely sentiments ALL of which are very much appreciated. Sending out love and hugs from Shroo :) xxx


  1. I am really enjoying your daily posts Rachael-and I have been looking forward to them. I love these little memory journal pages-would be awesome framed as well hugs

  2. Love your sweet drawings and what a wonderful way to remember and record your childhood memories. Hugs, Valerie

  3. What a wonderful way to preserve memories. I love the one of your grandad in his garden.
    I agree about clowns by the way, creepy creatures!

  4. Love all your wonderful drawings! Fantastic are these!

  5. I agree with Kathy...............enjoying all of your very creative posts but love the one of you and grandad in the garden. :-)

  6. These doodle snapshots are awesome! I love the kitty cat and the little teddy bears! x x

  7. Oh my! Thank you for sharing these. The one of your Mum tucking you in, in particular has had me go a bit wobbly. What an amazing woman.

    I've tried draw what you wear (got pretty samey considering I have like, 2 pairs of jeans and about 3 jumpers that I rotate!) but I love the idea of draw your LIFE.

    These are beautiful x x x