Tuesday 17 September 2013

For Mum!

Hello lovely blog reader!

There was I today, worrying about a blog post, not knowing what to do and THEN - my MUM decided to be AWESOME and achieved a whole new level of EPIC!

Mum - you are brave and strong and fabulous, and there aren't words enough to say how proud I am of you so instead I did this:

THIS is how proud I am!

Mum's been very poorly and today was her first trip to somewhere OTHER than a hospital for three months - THAT'S how awesome today is! Mum - you kick arse! Love you loads and squillions and I know my lovely readers will understand that I'm celebrating here as a big surprise for you next time you check my blog. Apart from anything else you fixed my blog dilemma - see? You just can't help being Spectacular, can you eh?

Love and hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxx Shroo:) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Additional (Friday 20th Sept.)

As requested, due to further exhibitions of awesomeness, an accompanying piccy to celebrate ongoing epicness:

Hope you like him!! xxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. what a fantastic full of joy picture !! Who would think a trip to the local supermarket would provide such inspiration !! Thanks to you my spectacular shroo !! xxxxxxx

  2. Hello . I have been even furthur today ... does that mean another picture xxxx

  3. Oh ! How fantastic !!! I hope others can see the joy in these posts . I really love the " leaping cat " ... how unusual ... a change from reclining !!!

  4. Such a lovely post! Both of you are awesome!!!! Jesse, Boo and I send our love x x x

  5. We share your joy! Love your blog . You are so talented. We 2 care for you and your mum.K & K xxxx

    1. Awww thank you!! Awesomely huge welcome to the blog - glad you found me. Hugs from Shroo:)