Tuesday 10 September 2013

Hell, YEAH!

Good morning!

...and it IS morning, despite whatever my 'google blogger' clock is reading at present. That thing seems to have it's own agenda!

This is just a quick post with a cool little motivational item that I found on 'Pinterest' (ADDICTIVE I tell you!) which I thought you might like.

We often find that somehow we've managed to pick up nay-sayers in our lives who might say negative things in order to fluff themselves up - we all need to show them the door. It's often tough to look into yourself and find out, honestly, who you are and where you are in your life, but by doing so we find everything we need to follow a more positive path. We're told to know and accept all aspects of our personalities and recognise our attributes and traits and in doing so we generally tend to focus on the negative - "yes, I can be controlling", " yes, I know I am a workaholic", "yes, I can be pessimistic sometimes" - but we forget the most vital thing which is to ACCEPT OUR POSITIVE TRAITS! "Yes, I am a well-informed, intelligent woman", "yes, I am versatile and talented", "yes, I am kind and honest". Only when we embrace this side of ourselves can we begin to achieve our personal greatness - whatever that may be... Happiness, fulfilment, inner peace, creativity and balance - and the odd 'punch-the-sky' moment will be there for us as well.

We're often made to feel guilty about our successes and taught to accept our failures before all else. Well....accepting when stuff goes wrong is part of life, but it's not "failure", it's a process we go through in order to achieve success. Without mistakes, we'd learn little of value in life. Today - feel AWESOME about being you - look at all the incredible things you manage and handle and achieve EVERY DAY and put a big shiny medal on your virtual trophy wall because YOU ARE AWESOME! Today I celebrate me and I celebrate you - WELL DONE, US !!!

Hugs as always - Shroo:)


  1. Thank you for posting this very timely piece ! I hope everyone who reads it sends you appreciation of it . You should add a big shiny medal to your virtual notice board !!

  2. All hail you Shroo! You are awesome! Thanking you for posting this! x x x

  3. Thanks for finding me and telling me you like my work and leading me to your brill blog. :D