Sunday 1 September 2013

Happy Thoughts!

Hi again!

Hope you had a lovely weekend? Welcome to September! Look what I found hiding behind my bedroom curtain today -

How lovely is that?! Wasn't expecting such a lovely little visitor, but there ya go! As you can see I managed to transfer my guest to a more suitable habitat and after a bijou drinky it flew off quite happily. Awwww.

So, today's been one of those surprisingly BUSY days - lots of small jobs to do which seem to take FOREVER! However, I found some time this afternoon for a li'l project which is made entirely from scraps and bits 'n' pieces. I wanted to make a little thing to post here today as a surprise for my mum if she checks my blog as she might need a cheery up thingy! I found a piece of off-cut packing cardboard and some scrap paper and made a little country scene, added some chipbard shapes (from my hoard!) and added some shading and detail with a mixture of pens.

After sitting and staring at it for a while I decided that it HAD to be a little wall hanging so I pierced some holes with my book-binding awl, threaded through some turquoise craft wire and added some ribbon and yarn offcuts, beads and charms -

....then added a wire hanger, wrapped in organza ribbon and yarn and a li'l 'HAPPY THOUGHTS' motto and TA-DAH!

 It might just be scraps but it made me happy to make it! Hope you like it mum! MWAH! - Shroo:)x


  1. I really love this little bird and the countryside he lives in . Amazing what can be made from scraps of paper and imagination . He absolutely had the desired effect .... and he is even more attractive hanging on my wall ... in the flesh..( or feather ) thank you xxx

  2. Excellent compositions, exquisite shapes! I love the textures!