Wednesday 11 September 2013

Midweek Party With Mo!

Hello - Happy Wednesday!

...That should be a know? Middle of the week...that 'pfffff' feeling.....Rather that twiddling thumbs we should all have a stonkingly good party! So grab a groovy hat, and your favourite tipple and get yourself in a party mood, even if it's just for an hour. That should help. You know that saying - "dance like no one's looking"? Forget that - dance like EVERYONE'S looking and cheering your awesomeness because you totally ROCK!

Anyhoo - before I go boogie to funky vibes, I'll share another journal page with you. I found a great little quote thingy, which reads as follows:

"Be yourself - no one can ever tell you you're doing it wrong."

I like that. Why want to be like everyone else? Don't dilute your uniqueness, celebrate it! Off I went to the collage binder to find images that I liked and I found this:

Fabulous! This gal is certainly being herself! And what's more, she seems to be doing the 'Mobot' which made me laugh out loud once I'd realised! Perfect.  She's quirky and fun and decadent, which - weirdly - put me in mind of an illustration from a story book I had as a child -

- which is gorgeous with luscious, splooshy watercolour/ink illustrations. This is the particular one I was thinking of:

I always loved the beautiful colours so I decided to replicate the idea (kind of) with shimmering paints and collage 'Mo' (as I've named her) onto a sumptuous background suitable for her awesomeness! Here's what the page looked like with the background done:

It's hard to show the spectacular shimmer effect of the paint, which is annoying, but I hope this gives an idea. I wanted to add something foofy for Mo to lounge upon so I chose images from a collage sheet that I bought from Calico Crafts a while back-

Out with the snippy scissors... snippity snip snip...... Quick test with layout and such...

Yep - ok, grab the multi medium matte gel and add the quote, strategically placed butterflies, some bling and a bit of colour and TA-DAH!!!!

GO MO! Groovy cool. This is bright and fun and fabulous and makes me happy! Quick to do (apart from fiddly cutting-out, but I quite enjoy that because I'm a bit weird) and a nice, shimmery coloured page for my little speedy mini journal. Art can be aggravating, challenging, irritating, messy, disappointing and frustrating BUT - above all else, art should be FUN!

So here's wishing you a magnificent Wednesday! Hope the party goes swimmingly and that your art brings you EPIC levels of joy. Huge hugs - Shroo:)x


  1. Wow! I can see how inspired you were by those wonderful illustrations! Love your mixed media technique and coloring, and I agree with the quote!

    1. Hi Abigail! Just want to thank you for your comment on my blog and for adding me to your circles. Arty people - you gotta check out Abigail's awesome store: - so much lovely stuff!