Sunday 29 December 2013


Hello you!!

Did you have a scrummy yummy awesome Christmas? Are you now over-stuffed with nummy food and completely knackered? Welcome to the club! Ha!

I FINALLY have so much stuff to blog - if I did it all at once it'd be a mentally maHOOsive post (which would drive us all nuts...) so I'll split things up as best as I can and hope that works better. I think it will.

So - here's a sneak peek preview of stuff to come..... -


Mum's lovely things she gave me -

Handmade  wrapping paper projects & pom-poms! -

Handmade journal -


Book project for mum -

....and just some of the fun of Christmas -

There's the teaser trailer! I'll be back daily (if I can) to catch up with stuff as I've missed my blogging! Look forward to seeing you soon - Shroo :)xxx


  1. Ooh what a tease you are! My girls are obsessed with pom poms at the mo so I shall be watching for those but I love all the painty glimpses. Is that a fox I wonder? I saw a fox today! A real one, with one ear, waiting to cross the road.

    Or is it a wabbit?

  2. A one-eared fox! AWWWW!!!! I love foxes - even the wonky, disabled ones! I did indeed go pom-pom crazy - so much so that I now have a giant bag of trimmings ready to use for toy stuffing! At some point. Can you maybe craft a prosthetic ear for your local roaming fox? Knit one? Like an exclusive ear-replacement fox balaclava? New Year project! Awesome! x