Monday 9 December 2013

Seasonal Stress!

Hello again!

Well...we're a week (and a bit) into December and closer to the Big Gift Day.... No matter how well we all plan, we still feel the pressure. It's ridiculous, really - all this stress, all the expense and expenditure for just one day? Bit mad really, when you think that the whole point is just being with the people that we love, enjoying their company and reminding ourselves what's REALLY important in, company, laughter and making good memories. We could do that any day of the year of we so choose.

As I get older, I feel less pressure from the commercial aspect of Christmas, maybe because I feel more at home celebrating Yule. I don't get to shops much so I suppose that eases the build up that stores pile on with their careful merchandising and pretty window displays.  But every year, no matter what, I still get that 'Christmas feeling' - that indefinable sense of excitement and joy that starts in my toes and works itself up to become butterflies in my tummy!

You'd think that being less influenced by commercialism would make things more simple gift-wise, but I'm no Scrooge - I LIKE giving makes me happy. I just choose to make them instead. Partly because - as I've said before - I'm a broke artist, but mainly because I like to show my appreciation for people I love by spending time CREATING something unique for them. As I work, I feel like I infuse my creation with all my love and positive wishes. Giving a gift that's handmade is truly like giving part of me to someone I care for. That also makes me happy!

EVERY - EVERY - year, though, I leave things so late! Big plans to start in August or September, but life and the daily grind tend to get in the way, leaving me doing everything at the last minute AGAIN! Welcome back, stress!

This situation is NOT blog-friendly... I have no time to create for myself - even journaling takes a back seat - and the things I AM working on are for people who'll be reading this blog, so I can hardly post them up here for them to see! ARGH!  So instead of posting art, I'm going to give you some encouragement to let you know that if you're a last-minute crafter then you're not alone! I think these super-organised people you see on Youtube, all well planned and methodical AREN'T the norm at all - I think MOST of us run round like headless chickens, just as if we were out in those sparkly-window, big display shops, battling the crowds for mass-produced rubbish!

Welcome to the Festive Season!  As well as sending out love and hugs to my fellow artists, I thought I'd just add  a few lovely images that might inspire - just because you might like them. Here ya go -

I hope you like these - they're so wintery and so beautiful! I'm off to do more rushing about now - so big hugs going out to all of you who are up to your elbows in paint and glue and paper and fabric and yarn and all kinds of gooey stuff! Don't forget to sleep and breathe and eat! And remember that the most important thing about that Big Day is the love you have for your family and friends - and the love they have for you. Being together is the best gift.   Love and hugs - Shroo :) xxx

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  1. Hi, just caught up with your blog. Your day out with your mum at tbe garden centre sounded lovely.
    The birthday surprise was special too. The creations you make are beautiful.I agree the commercialisation of Christmas is over the top. You have a lovely way with words just like your mum. We send our love to you both we're thinking of you.